We are 47 youngsters coming from 7 different faculties in Bucharest and we want to make Romania more sustainable.

EFden is an NGO found in 2013 by a group of passionate young people, together with the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest and the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism.

Over the past 4 years, more than 550 students, ranging from graduates, master students to PhD students, have worked in the EFdeN team.

We are from 11 different departments, including urbanism, architecture, engineering, communication, partnerships and horticulture. We adopt interdisciplinary and practical approaches to work.

Over the past few years, we devoted more than 270,000 hours to the project, during which we researched, designed and built.

+25 Premii

primite în ultimii ani

Solar Decathlon - Premiul de Sustenabilitate, Mențiune

Inițiaiva educațională, Romanian Green Building Council

International REHVA Student Competition Premiul I

Premiul "Marele ONG" - Gala Premiilor Pentru Un Mediu Curat

Gala KNX Awards Frankfurt 2016, Award for Youth

Gala Societății Civile, Protecţia Mediului - locul 2

+620 Apariții

în media, online și offline

Romania, Te iubesc! - PRO TV

Casa viitorului, în viziunea studenţilor - Digi24

Eroii zilei: Tinerii care construiesc casele viitorului - Antena 3

Campionii Inovației - Revista BIZ

România participă la Solar Decathlon - Forbes

TRENDBOX Casa pasiva - ApropoTV


Practical Experience: We start from our imagination and realize it by action. We learn from every mistake and every process and have our professional skills improved.

Partnership:We work with hundreds of companies in various fields to carry out our project. This experience is not only educational to us but also favorable to our career development in the future.

Interdisciplinary: You will work and learn from the enthusiastic young people with various education backgrounds, including urbanism, design, architecture, 5 types of engineering, horticulture, communication and management.

Professional Network: You will expand your professional and social network by meeting people from various fields through participating in events, conferences, trainings and workshops.




Design Interior

Climă și Mediu

Structuri și Organizare Șantier


Electrice și Automatizări