• Who we are

    We are a multidisciplinary team of change-oriented students and professors from different professional fields who aim to build a better and healthier future, by creating a project that will stand as an example for the way we approach responsible building.

  • What have we achieved?

    In 2014 we were the representative of Romania in the Solar Decathlon Europe competition held in France, alongside other 19 teams from 16 countries on 4 continents. We competed in 10 categories, from architecture and engineering to innovation and communication.
    After returning and being permanently placed in Bucharest, EFdeN house is now support for research programs, graduation and PhD theses, being the first Research Center for Indoor Comfort in Romania - EFdeN 4C.

  • What are we doing now?

    We are working on Romania’s third representative project in Solar Decathlons, for the first Middle East edition in 2018, while developing several other initiatives that support the development of the sustainability field in Romania.

Solar Decathlon Competition

  • Efficient solar house

    The competition involves designing, building and assembling a smart, energy efficient and fully equipped solar house, which responds to the Middle East harsh climate. Assembled on site in just 10 days, the houses have to be modular and incorporate innovation as much as possible.

  • Endurance project

    The teams have 2 years for research and design, developing partnerships, obtaining necessary funds and materials, building and testing the prototype then transporting it to Dubai and attending the competition.

  • 10 contest evaluation

    The prototype houses will be evaluated on 10 categories, ranging from architecture, engineering, energy management and efficiency to sustainability, innovation and communication strategies. Some aspects are judged by international experts while others are monitored with sensors and meters in the house.

  • Europe, Asia, USA, Australia

    Addressed to universities around the globe, the Solar Decathlon Middle East competition reunites teams from four continents for a multicultural experience.

  • The 1st Middle East edition

    The Solar Decathlon Middle East was created through an agreement signed between Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Department of Energy of the United States of America, in June 2015, in order to organize a sustainable solar houses competition in Dubai in 2018, the first edition taking place in the Middle East.

  • PRISPA & EFdeN

    Having learned from former Romanian representations in Solar Decathlon, PRISPA and EFdeN we are putting forth a new prototype of solar house, this time adapted to the Middle East.

SDME prototype

  • Climate adaptable

    Aimed primarily at responding to the extreme temperatures, humidity and sandstorms in the Middle East, the prototype is designed to allow for minimal refurbishment to be made in order to adapt to the more temperate climate of Romania.

  • Inspired from nature

    In finding our inspiration for the concept, we looked at the greatest database there is - nature. By applying biomimicry principles, we are designing a house that learns from nature and translates its principles into architectural and technological forms. Xerophytes - plants adapted to the desert were our inspiration for the building envelope, materials used and water management.

  • Comfortable and efficient

    Optimal indoor environmental quality parameters are maintained at all times with the use of a combination of active and passive strategies. The two are not only complementary, but interconnected, increasing one another’s efficiency, thus minimising the environmental footprint.

  • Innovative

    The newest emergent technologies and materials are used for all house systems, from architectural features and HVAC integration with passive strategies to Artificial Intelligence used in the energy management system. Integrating technologies like Augmented Reality and Internet of Things, we take the maintenance of the house, data collection and the way a smart house behaves to a whole new level. Daca se poate cu acelasi format din efden.org a partii cu conditiile de confort.

EFdeN 4C – Research Center for Comfort Conditions,

the first in Romania

  • Solar Decathlon heritage

    After its return from Solar Decathlon Europe in Versailles, EFdeN House now serves as Research Center for Indoor Comfort - EFdeN 4C, the first of its kind in Romania.

  • Improving Romanian homes

    Its ultimate purpose being to improve indoor environmental quality in Romanian homes, EFdeN 4C focuses on three key areas: scientific research, education of young professionals and raising awareness among the general public.

  • Scientific research

    EFdeN 4C is firstly a platform for students and young researchers in the field of the built environment. Research programs, degree theses are in progress, all studying innovative aspects of the EFdeN House prototype.

  • Education of young professionals

    Students in the fields of architecture, structural and civil engineering and building services visit the EFdeN prototype, some performing practical work under professors’ guidance.

  • Raising awareness

    We aim to educate the general public regarding their homes’ comfort parameters and how to improve them. Partnering with one of the largest banks in Romania we launched an Indoor Environmental Quality Guide destined for the public.

  • Hub for the building industry

    We facilitate relations between stakeholders of the building industry, from educational to private sector, by organising round tables and dedicated events.