• Architecture

    The prototype is designed to adapt to the UAE climate conditions, while maintaining the interior comfort, also having the possibility of adapting to other climate conditions. Learning from nature, our project was designed with protective layers to ensure a smoother and healthier transition between indoor and outdoor conditions.
    A multipurpose envelope was designed in order to serve as the first barrier against the harsh climate, creating a more controlled climate in the private outdoor space.
    The flexible interior design, with convertible spaces, allows the user to personalize the house to their heart’s desire. Therefore, it can fulfill any cultural needs and space organising principles, thus sustaining our living scenario, that of constantly coming-and-going middle-class workers from all over the world looking for a shared living.

  • HVAC & Energy Efficiency

    Optimal indoor environmental quality parameters are maintained at all times with the use of a combination of active and passive strategies. The two are not only complementary, but interconnected, increasing one another’s efficiency.
    The abundant solar heat is used as primary cooling energy source. Energy recovery is implemented at all stages, limiting waste of electrical and thermal energy and water. Thus, cooling equipment, evaporative systems, shading and water treatment strategies are integrated and together with the architectural features and constructive systems provide indoor comfort with a minimal environmental footprint.
    Occupants’ comfort is pursued not only in the indoor spaces, but in the semi-exterior transition spaces too. Natural ventilation, passive and semi-passive evaporative cooling and recovered cool air contribute to making harsh Middle East climate bearable.

  • Automation

    In order to ensure an optimal comfort we use systems that allow the user to personalize his living conditions and that are responsible for the safety of the owner and his home.
    The integrated systems will be activated using voice recognition and Augmented Reality Interface and will contribute to showcasing the house functioning mechanisms and technologies.

  • Urbanism

    Our strategy is for the whole to become more than the sum of its parts. The house is designed to be the top floor of a residential unit, where all green roofs will connect into a large community generator. The way nature works, building ecosystems that allow plants to sustain each other inspired us to propose an ensemble where joining multiple dwellings can be favourable for energy savings, while achieving comfort along the outdoor pathways as well.