An interdisciplinary team focused on performance and innovation.


students and young researchers


interdisciplinary departments

We represented Romania at the most important competition for green, solar homes-Solar Decathlon.


international awards

We are a non-governmental organisation that, with the help of our partners, has been making Romania more sustainable since 2013.


companies and media and educational partners

Buildings are one of the biggest sources of pollution in the construction phase and especially in the usage phase.

of our time is spent in buildings and this affects our health and our productivity!

of CO2 emissions and 40% of the consumption of energy in the EU is generated by buildings

of costs in the lifespan of a building are generated during the period of use.

is the global warming limit to which 197 countries have agreed to in order to prevent a climate disaster.

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Due to the unpleasant period that has surprised us all, visits have been canceled for the time being. For further information regarding the resumption of visits, but also to follow our journey we invite you to join our Facebook page.

Klaus Iohannis

The President of Romania

“A very concrete proposal for the solution of current problems.”

Hans Klemm

The United States ambassador in Romania

“EFdeN represents an example of Romanian innovation and engineering.”

Eric Stab

President of ENGIE Romania

“We are impressed by your project and we are delighted to support you.”

Daniela Matei

PR Manager BSC

“We believe that every person who has worked on The EFdeN Signature house is a source of inspiration for the entire community.”

Monica Ardelean


“EFdeN is proof that Romania is ready to design and build sustainably.”

Liviu Florea


“Solidarity, enterprising spirit and passion are three values we share, which you fully demonstrate.”