Solar Decathlon was born in 2002, in the USA. Today it takes place in 6 regions: North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and China.

Each team is scored based on 10 challenges, 5 are monitored by sensors and 5 are judged by various specialists from around the world.

The qualified teams have 2 years to design, raise the necessary funds, build, transport and assemble a fully equipped solar house.

Solar Decathlon History

Solar Decathlon has been a big part of EFdeN’s history since its foundation, 7 years ago. Unlike most of the teams that take part in the SD competitions, we are an NGO that was specifically founded in 2012 in order to be a part of the SD universe.

EFdeN was founded by former members of Team PRISPA, Romania’s representative in the SDE 2012, in Madrid, the team that started Romania’s history in the Solar Decathlon. Since then we participated in the SDE14 and SDME18 and we qualified for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021, in Wuppertal, Germany.

PRISPA is the team that started Romania's participation at the Solar Decathlon competitions.

In September 2012 the team participated in the Madrid Solar Decathlon edition where they were ranked 9th place overall. They also obtained 2nd place in Energy Efficiency, 4th place in the Electricity Balance Sheet and 2nd place in the Public Choice.

The newly formed team, EFdeN , participated in Versailles at the SDE14 .

The prototype that we was rebuilt in Bucharest, after the competition, and became the first Research Center for Comfort Conditions in Romania, back in 2015.

At the first and the only Middle East participation for Romania, we used the experience of the past 2 competitions and obtained the 4th place overall, 1st place in Communication, 2nd place in Comfort Conditions and Engineering & Construction and 3rd place in Sustainability.

The prototype is now back in Romania and we are working on rebuilding it in the same place the 2014 house was built, in the campus of the Faculty of Building Services Engineering (FII).

EFdeN will be, for the third time, part of the most important student-oriented solar house competition in the world, this time in Germany at Solar Decathlon Europe 2021, in Wuppertal.

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