EFdeN Sustainable City

A sustainable city starts with small steps

What is the project about?

EFdeN Sustainable City was started because of our desire to transform the cities in which we live and prepare them for the upcoming generations. It gives visitors the opportunity to experience what it would mean to live in such a smart city.

„Your project integrates many of the aspects that give me hope for the future. It is not only the result of a research-based creative process, but also a very practical proposal for solving current world problems.”

Klaus Iohannis, President of Romania

But why build a sustainable city?

2-50-75-80-80. Cities occupy 2% of the Earth’s surface, but are home to 50% of the world’s population, are responsible for 75% of global energy consumption, generate 80% of CO2 emissions, as well as 80% of the world’s GDP.

The situation Bucharest finds itself in:

  • the most congested city in Europe, the 5th busiest city in the world;
  • one of the most polluted european capitals: 10% of population get sick because of pollution and Romania is risking drastic sanctions from the European Union for not taking immediate steps to reduce it;
  • only 7.5% of the city’s surface is occupied by green areas, which are predominant in a few parks and forests.

What is there to do about our cities?

We asked ourselves some questions:

  • How do we decongest cities?
  • How do we create green spaces?
  • How do we make cities smarter?
  • How do we create more energy-efficient buildings?
  • How do we change the mindsets of the people around us for the better?

And then got to work:

Starting from the mission of the organization and the desire of the members to be involved in the management of current urban problems, EFdeN Sustainable City presents a sustainable alternative for the development of contemporary cities. We know that, in order to have a real impact, sustainability must become accessible to the general public, otherwise it remains a difficult concept to achieve for the actors involved in the construction sector, without being able to have a real impact on our lives.

EFdeN Sustainable City was designed as a public space, which can host both events or workshops, as well as guided tours for the general public. Within the project, 8 thematic areas with over 30 points of interest are implemented.

Come see for yourself how the solutions have been implemented in our campus:

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