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What is EFdeN?

EFdeN is a Romanian educational NGO concerned with bringing sustainability closer to students, young professionals and the general public. We specifically target urban regeneration, energy-efficient and green architecture as the main interests of our project.

What are we doing?

  • EFdeN Sustainable City in Bucharest, an ongoing prototype hosting our previous projects for Solar Decathlon Competitions and many other points of interest, the first prototype of a sustainable city in Romania.
  • Finalists in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021/2022 competition with the EFdeN VATRA

How do we operate?

Our activity is closely tied to the educational purpose we aim to achieve. In this sense, we represent a complementary educational resource to universities and faculties. Students gain practical experience through volunteering and learn about sustainability from people already in the project, advisors and other professionals we closely work with.

Our Culture

  • EFdeN Vision: We believe in sustainable communities where educated people are living a high-quality life.
  • EfdeN Mission: We are committed to designing, executing and implementing models of good practice that are strongly connected with nature. We are a hub for professionals and emergent projects.


EFdeN objectives

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