Ready, Steady, Go

We represent Romania for the 3rd time in the world’s largest sustainable housing competition.

We are raising the funds necessary for transporting the EFdeN VATRA prototype to Germany and for other logistical needs.

Support VATRA at SDE21/22
EFdeN VATRA's road to Wuppertal

EFdeN goes to Wuppertal!

EFdeN goes to Wuppertal!

Follow us to Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 the world’s largest sustainable housing competition

EFdeN goes to Wuppertal!

Follow us to Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 the world’s largest sustainable housing competition

A brief intro

In 2019 we qualified for the 3rd time in the world's most important competition of solar houses and integrated technologies. This is the first urban edition that addresses the regeneration of the building stock and the existing infrastructure - issues that are more present than ever.

One competition. Two Challenges

Design challenge

Designing a conceptual proposal to vertically extend an existing building. 

Building challenge
Detailing and building a prototype, a representative unit for the concept proposed in the first phase.


Our vision is to create a sustainable and affordable housing model that empowers single-living people by forming a community. The intervention aims to be easily constructed and adaptable to different urban scenarios and multiple usage cycles, featuring a close connection between humans and nature.

Feasibility. Economic accessibility

Site optimization by prefabrication, energy efficiency through passive design and optimal compartmentalization of living space – all for a convenient price / quality ratio for the target audience.

Maximum efficiency. Scalability

3 housing unit modules and one greenhouse module can be arranged and prefabricated to suit any context.

Context Integration

Sustainable materials chosen according to the cultural context of each site.


Buildings are responsible for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption. Our target: ensuring the optimal conditions of comfort in our prototype during the competition exclusively through passive strategies.


We design a house to the strictest certification standard for sustainable homes in the world. LBC does not propose buildings with as little negative impact as possible, but buildings with as much positive impact as possible on the environment.

Why ?

Globally, cities produce 70% of the greenhouse gases and consume more than ⅔ of the energy produced.

In Europe, the urbanization rate will reach 83.7% by 2050.







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Dalia Stoian

Project Manager

Politehnica University of Bucharest

Andreea Iacob

Project Architect

Ion Mincu University of Bucharest

Sergiu Baroiu

Project Engineer

Politehnica University of Bucharest

Ioel Giger

Project Engineer

Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest

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