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You can support our activities by making a donation now!

or Bank Transfer for “Asociația Solar Decatlon București”:

  1. RO55RNCB0090137869960001 (RON)
  2. RO28RNCB0090137869960002 (EUR)

You can also redirect the tax on profit/income!

As an individual

You cand redirect the 3,5% tax on income.

As a company

You can redirect 20% of the tax on profit. Download below the sponsorship contract model or contact us to discuss a partnership.

Support Romanian Innovation

4 Reasons to Get Involved

Theory and Practice Go Hand in Hand

We change the way we educate the new generation through a practical approach for problem solving. This is the only way we can get ready for the 4th industrial revolution.

Opportunities for Young People Here in Romania

More and more young people are leaving our country to achieve performance in other countries. We want to show that extraordinary things can happen here, as well.

Climate Change is Real

Earth is getting hotter because of the impact people have on it. We need to understand why this is happening and what each of us can do better.

Energy is a Concern for Everyone

We need to use energy more wisely and locally produce it from renewable sources. Technology is at our disposal, we just need to implement it.

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